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If you want to learn how I paint my cartoons into the computer, check out my training videos at

-Chad Baldwin

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binomo broker review Welcome to Chad’s Funny Cartoons.  Here is a spot where I show of my cartoon illustrations.  I love to create funny cartoons on the computer.  So, if there is something you like and need for your business.  Or, maybe its just something for yourself. I would love to help!

My main goal for this website isn’t just  to show off my art work.  I thought it would also be a fun spot for kids as well.  Since I like to spend most of my time drawing children and the mischief they get into.  I thought to keep the theme going I would also have interactive things for kids to do as well.  I am planning on putting together an online coloring book featuring my cartoons.  I thought it would be fun to have coloring pages for kids to color online, or to print out and color with their own crayons as well..

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platform binomo Below is a list of the sort of things I love to paint onto the computer.  Painting onto the computer always starts out with a sketch first.  Then moves into the painting production..

Characters Chad creates:

The number one thing I like to draw or paint digitally into the computer would have to be people.  I like to draw cartoon pictures of people the most.  Maybe just because I am a person myself I guess it makes it easier to draw.  Children or kids cartoons I would have to say is what I enjoy the most.  I think its just because kids get into so much mischief, to me it makes it that much easier to paint.  I enjoy creating animal cartoon characters as well however, people and children are probably my strong point!  I will have a link to illustrations that may show examples of previous cartoons I have created.

what binomo Here is a list of people related cartoons.  Children cartoon illustrations, chubby baby cartoon pictures, men, man women, angels, fairies, kids, little girls, little boys, Super Hero Cartoons.

Maybe you are looking for animal cartoons?:

Here is a list of some fluffy, furry animal cartoons I like to create! cute bunny pictures, rabbits, cartoon monkey pictures, deer, fawn, cartoon dogs, cartoon dog pictures, puppy cartoon pictures.  Maybe even a stinky smelly skunk or skunks. Maybe you are interested in ugly rats or mouse cartoons.  Gorillas beating there chest is always amusing . . . . or maybe its absurd. J   I always am looking for entertaining ways to show off my style.  The end result for creating any drawing or painting on the computer has to be laughable to the end user. 

Scary cartoons anyone? Typically I don’t really do scary cartoons.  If anything, I may draw scary animals like, lions tigers and bears . . Oh my! If I do paint scary animal cartoons, the characters usually have a fun whimsical feel.  My main thyme is usually expressive with a silly side.

Here is some more animal cartoons I am willing to create. Cartoon shark pictures, cartoon fish pictures, cats, cartoon elf pics, santa claws cartoon, ducks, monkeys, gorillas, dolphins, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, parrots, cartoon queen bees, bugs, buffalo, ponies, elephants, funny monster cartoons

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a cartoon illustration.  I would love to help out with any project you might have!! Here are a few cartoons I have gotten a lot of feedback from: The Big Fat Lady Cartoon, Cartoon Boy on Trike, Husband and Wife Cartoon and also the Super Hero Cartoon

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